Data Security

Delivering Unparalleled Protection

Excis specialises in true integration and solutions across an organisation’s security architectures, delivering unparalleled protection and visibility to every network segment, device and appliance, whether virtual, in the cloud or on-premise, which enables organizations to protect themselves from emerging threats.

Cyber Security Assessment

Excis’s cyber security assessment services are designed to uncover vulnerabilities across your organisation, validate the effectiveness of security controls and processes, and provide the support and advice required to address security risks. All our assessments are conducted by professional ethical hackers with the skills and experience to deliver them in line with the most rigorous legal, ethical and technical standards.


Excis’s CISO-as-a-service solves this problem by enabling your organisation to call upon a highly qualified and experienced security professional, as and when required. By acting as an extension of your business, an Excis InfoSec expert will assess potential cyber-risks and develop the policies, procedures and controls needed to help elevate your security to compliance standards.
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