API Integration

What is the role of API integration in Excis?

Excis is a custom API development service and integration solution from simple API integration services to complex custom or multipoint API development. We can create solutions that are easy to use, well documented, and truly reliable.

We have a professional team of API developers who can build web APIs that are fully scalable, secure, and tailored to your business needs. Our custom API development services will enhance and improve your service in a new and creative way.

What are APIs?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a collection of protocols, specific standards, and tools. APIs are used by programmers to integrate applications. APIs allow access to other apps or platforms. Because application APIs can interact with each other, using an API not only makes programming easier but also makes programming more accessible. But it also improves the user experience. Increase the popularity of your application and facilitate user control over various applications. Today, all advanced applications are enhanced by specialized APIs.

As for the design of the API, it aims to provide only the tools the user expects. The principle of data hiding is used here to not bother users unnecessarily with complex implementation details. Each API comes with documentation that provides complete information on what the API service offers and how to use it. API documentation is also required for developers because there are descriptions of classes and methods, Common usage scenarios, code snippets, etc.

Business Benefits of Using APIs:

  • Promote your lead generation or your CRM app with social insights (by matching your email address to your social media profile)
  • Web/mobile app integration with cloud file storage
  • Integrate the mobile app with the remote backend to send files and retrieve data.
  • Third-party API integrations offer real-time functionality without the need to write complex code. (especially for e-commerce tourism, finance, and other industries)
  • Workflows can be strategically coordinated to increase productivity.
  • We will reduce costs and improve time to market
  • Customize and personalize the customer experience

API Integration and Development Services:

Excis is an Application Programming Interface company. We have a team of professionals specializing in custom API design and development. Our team develops APIs for platforms such as cloud, mobile, and cloud and web services. As the number of mobile applications has grown exponentially in modern times, Mobile APIs help make these applications run more efficiently. Our service area is-

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web development
  • Cloud development
  • The rest (third-party app integration)

Why choose us as an API Integration and Development company?

Application Programming Interface, which is used to enable requests between applications, data, and devices. It establishes communication between applications and backend systems. API integration helps online services such as ecommerce websites to sell their products and display their location on the map with the API enabled.

What is API integration?

At Excis, we have a wide range of API experts specializing in high-performance APIs that are our advantage in web development. It is one of the key assets and liabilities. We offer a well-documented API. It makes it easy to understand, learn, and use. It’s also powerful and optimized with error-free code. Our API works great with programming engineering experts. 

API development is carried out by our experienced experts in a harmonious manner. These were developed to streamline and process data transactions between servers and users more efficiently. Most applications are driven by rich interfaces developed and integrated to allow parallel work.

The API makes it possible to combine two different environments on a single platform. The API allows conversations between two compromised frameworks. It’s not just two different platforms; an API can combine two different applications. The integration makes it possible to work with two different applications working in a combined manner. By connecting different applications via APIs, applications can transfer data and availability of the same service on different platforms.

What is API integration?


Our API experts, who have extensive experience in providing API development and integration using C, C++, Java, Python, and PHP, build powerful, secure, and easy-to-maintain APIs. 


You can hire our dedicated API developers and get substantial cost savings. The latest technology and best practices are followed, so our APIs build security and high performance. This saves time and money on support and maintenance.


We have succeeded in building highly efficient and secure APIs for any industry and suitable for your specific needs. Our developers use varied API methods to provide data processing in various programming languages. 


We are experts in creating new APIs and integrating your application with existing API interfaces. Our team of experienced IT experts offers API development and integration services to provide you with solutions. 

Custom API development:

We take a personal approach while strictly following the REST architecture. We provide clean and well-structured programming code. Excis use the best development tools and build high-performance APIs for your needs.

Mobile API development:

We build APIs which allow payments, appointments, geolocation, etc., to add value to your mobile application.

API integration:

API integration means setting up seamless communication between a variety of software components, technologies, and programs.

API Consultant:

Excis will analyze your current process and architecture. Help you develop strategies and plans. Identify and eliminate problems before they become real problems. With extensive experience, we will help you choose the correct API management and API integration solution to meet all your needs. Our recommendations are developed through rigorous analysis; accounting code, process, security, and architecture are taken into account.

We have succeeded in building highly efficient and secure APIs for any industry and suitable for your specific needs. Excis developers use modern methods to process data in various programming languages. We value your needs and consistently meet customer expectations.

Excis works behind the scenes and makes you look good in front of your customers. You use all the credits. Our API developers will ensure that all of our API integration and development services extend the benefits and functionality of your web services.

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