Cisco DNA spaces takes us beyond connectivity and turns workplace venues into intelligent spaces. It turns your wireless access points and devices into sensors that detect and capture location data for people and things within your workplace. The Cisco DNA spaces cloud engine applies intelligent machine learning algorithms to clean, filter and normalise your raw location data.

How We Go Beyond Connectivity

Digitise people and things in your spaces: Get industry-specific metrics about the behaviour of people on your workplaces. Gain real-time views of visitor behaviour at your workplaces. Search and display locations of devices based on MAC or IP addresses. Get seamless, secure onboarding to public Wi-Fi. Seamlessly onboard visitors at your properties, and deliver zero-click targeted engagements. Trigger contextual engagements across SMS, and other channels, on visitor behaviours. Identify and monitor assets, detect anomalies, optimise operations and response times.

Intelligent Spaces make the difference

Focus on behaviour monitoring by tracking all your connected assets and devices on a cloud platform, providing valuable real time insights into to visitors and visits for all your locations. Learn about pinch points peak times and other valuable behaviour able insights. Build a trusted workplace by leveraging built-in apps to facilitate a safe return to the workplace and business resiliency. Drive industry-specific outcomes with partner applications for use cases such as asset tracking, space utilisation, and attendance tracking.
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