Device as a Service (DaaS)

At present, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) has become the most preferred option for a wide range of mid-range customers. It is mainly due to its reduced upfront costs, increased scalability, and reduced asset management responsibilities. DaaS solution from Excis offers a model that combines device services, recovery, and fulfillment into a continuous flow that provides a flawless end-to-end customer experience.

Business operation during the Covid-19 pandemic:

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the complete operational and functional process of business. Maintaining and deploying the system on the user’s part has become a complex task. The cost of new equipment installation becomes more, and it will affect the bottom line ultimately. During that time, an effective DaaS solution eradicates all these challenges by offering a flexible and cost-effective device management solution. 

Device-as-a-Service in three dimensions

DaaS solution represents the step change in various supply chain data complexity. The service providers can effectively integrate this model’s three dimensions to create a simple, seamless and smooth experience.

  • Device Fulfillment:

    How devices are put in the customer’s hands is completely different for DaaS, which is not according to the traditional order-based model.

  • Device Services:

    DaaS providers must understand the product and its components along with everything that changes with the device, unlike in add-on service models. 

  • Device Recovery:

    DaaS providers can enhance asset return by recovering values via redeployment, device repair, and much more. 

Foundation for a scalable DaaS solution

  • Customer experience
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • A flexible network
  • Platforming

The four levers mentioned above are more important to the successful DaaS supply chain.

Global Business

Excis is the leading firm globally, offering services in more than 60 countries. We support digital transformation for our clients. Through our certified cloud consultants or architectures, we can effectively support all aspects of digital migration projects. Hence we can offer you a great DaaS solution without any issues. 

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