Private Cloud Solutions

For every business, private cloud solutions are a significant one. Of course, it aggregates all resources data collected into one source. However, our Excis delivers personal cloud solutions to fulfill the hardware components and increase efficiency. Private cloud solutions come from proprietary software to help enterprise-grade open source solutions for better enhancement. Our Private cloud solutions allow companies to design data centers via software networking and virtualization. A private cloud must be flexible to increase multiple servers with collocation facilities. It provides software tools for handling network complexities.

Types of Private Cloud Solutions

At Excis, we are offering different types of private cloud solutions. Of course, it will give you sophisticated results to examine proprietary and open-source licensing differences. They can be used in private data center management as open source foundations. Thus, it should be adaptive in focusing on IT automation and AI-driven operations.

Our private cloud solution utilizes IT automation and compliance operations depending on the cloud stacks. It considers comprehensive solutions to workload and service included. They will reduce infrastructure and find out complexities. Many companies usually choose the private cloud over the public, which is easy and risk-free. It has other choices and is mainly adaptive in focusing on regulatory compliance requirements.

The documents should be flexible to handle and cover all records for updating the business. It will take sensitive data over the cloud storage units. They consider the practical goal and update certain things to operate on regulatory compliance requirements.

How the private cloud works

On the other hand, our private cloud solutions give a single-tenant environment by optimizing all resources. They are accessible to one customer and can get remote access. Excis private cloud solution is typically hosted based on the premises and looks into the data center. They consider the practical goal of hosting an independent cloud provider. They can manage everything by outsourcing partial or complete management to service.

Benefits of private cloud

While using a private cloud solution from Excis includes many things to examine about enterprise offerings. They are highly regulated and avail themselves of many benefits. Cloud computing takes security and can control customization things.

  • Complete control of hardware and software
  • Able to customize hardware with ease of work
  • Good visibility into security
  • Fully enforced compliance with regulatory standard

Excis offering include

  • Gives complete solutions of private cloud
  • Protect companies to expand the business
  • Fully secured solution for your business
  • Excis offers a network to many companies
  • Deliver 24/7 customer support
  • Provides end-to-end private cloud solutions for small and medium business
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