Web Security Solution

In the digital landscape, many business owners want to execute an ideal security solution to protect the device, user, and wide network. It is better to prevent internet-based cyberattack like phishing, malware, and a lot more that create data loss and breach. A web security solution is an essential part of the business to minimize the security risk.

We are a leading service provider in the field and deliver the right service and solution to the business. Web security is adequate to safeguard the site and web application from unauthorized access. Experts offer a solution by developing a stunning layer of protection measures and protocols.

Necessity of web security:

Modern enterprises give high importance to the internet for different reasons. Security tools are essential for business growth and continuity. It acts as the first line of defense from a threat that creates a problem with the sensitive data, reputational harm, compliance violation, and others.

  • You can access the solution with impressive attributes and explore stunning security.
  • With the help of a practical solution, you can enjoy the maximum level of security throughout the premise.
  • Professionals provide security assessment timely and improve certain areas in business to prevent the attack.
  • You can take advantage of reasonable security solutions to mitigate new threats and monitor traffic.

How the web security function?

Web security can perform well on the internet and endpoint. Professionals recommend an ideal solution that matches business requirements. You can pick up solution that covers malware infection, policy violation, credential theft, and data loss. Web security comes with effective technologies like

  • Firewall or IPS :
    It is effective for app control, visibility, and network security. Cloud firewall remains updated and deal with the encryption or demand and is an excellent option for the business network.
  • URL filtering:

    It is easy to screen and obstruct wrong access or content and bring protection to businesses and protect from web-borne malware.

  • Secure web gateway:

    A secure web gateway delivers threat protection and policy enforcement to users who use the web to prevent virus infection and eliminates unwanted traffic.

  • Browser isolation:

    Browser isolation loads a web page or app in the browser and sending user pixels. It is the ideal method to avoid downloading, copying, pasting, and printing the data and document.

At Excis, you can get the best assistance and implement the right solution for the web reputation, threat protection, URL filtering, and stopping threats.

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