Audio-Visual Solutions

Video Conferencing and AV Support

At Excis we provide the complete hardware maintenance service for your business-critical systems. As a partner of Excis, you will have access to our worldwide network of stocking locations and all the spare parts you could require.

Securing the high standard of delivery for our customer

Our customer base spans across multiple industries and sizes of businesses, from global enterprises to privately owned companies and municipalities, with various demands. Our customers demand high quality and to deliver on our promise, we constantly carry out self-improvement and analysis on our delivery to exceed customer expectations.

Videoconference and Digital Signage technologies

Whether the project includes modern display technology installation for marketing purposes or meeting room equipment, Excis field engineers have knowledge on multiplatform technologies and understanding of customer demands for digitalization and can provide seasoned expertise on your projects.


Turnkey solution for your Delivery, Project planning & management. Installation, Configuration, Calibration.


Excis can provide international logistical network and warehousing for customer projects.


Excis provides proactive maintenance services against Service Level Agreements to ensure uninterrupted user experience.

Lifecycle support

Migration and maintaining of new solution and environmentally friendly decommissioning of old technology.

Excis support allows you to extend your data centre life cycle far beyond the end of life dates provided by the OEM.