Email Security

If you need to protect your company email account from mishandling, there is no better option than the Excis email security service. Many hackers target emails to access the company’s sensitive information, customer data, and others. The email security solution is essential for every business to protect their email against viruses, spam, malware, hackers, etc. In addition, it helps to guard the worker’s email against theft and deletion. We use modern threat intelligence to track spoofing, ransomware, and other cybercrime.

What does email security mean?

Email security means protecting the malicious and virus email from being sent from your network. It is used for software solutions and multiple technologies. In addition, the email security framework is specially designed to protect the email network. Every organization should have the best email security scheme to safeguard consumers and users from email threats like phishing, spam, viruses, and more. On the other hand, email security is vital to show the fulfillment of data security rules. When you use an email security service, you don’t worry about email threats.

How we differ from others

We implement DMARC to protect your company from the hacker. DMARC stands for Domain-based message authentication reporting, and conformance is the best email authentication system. It helps to safeguard the organization’s email domain from phishing scams and email spoofing. Implementing this technique spots the hacker’s fraud emails by confirming the sender’s
identity. It lets the person show that their email is protected and leads receivers on what to do when verification fails.

DMARC supports leading ISPs like Google, Microsoft, Gmail, Facebook, and others. Email is the best channel with large users, so cyber criminals use this channel for malware purposes. Therefore, it is essential to use email security to protect data from hackers. DMARC provides complete insight into the email and identifies the phishing attacks. In addition, this method can mitigate the impact of malware attacks, guard against the mistreatment of brands and avoid spoofing.

We are committed to offering top-notch email security services to our clients. Our experts put more effort into reducing exposure to the fraudulent inbound message. It is guaranteed that we keep essential outbound emails secure. With the help of DMARC, you can avoid attacks and malicious emails. Thus, you can focus on other core activities and take your business to the top level. We use user-friendly software to increase the security of email.

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