Office 365 & G-Suite Migration + Integration

In the present scenario, many business owners demand a perfect cloud platform to run business with maximum efficiency and increased productivity. It is easy to collaborate among the team to boost success and growth. Microsoft Office 365 and G-suite are popular cloud-based software platform that manages outstanding features and functionality. Before choosing them, you can consider different factors and go to the perfect email solution. Organizations prefer an ideal solution based on requirements. Business owners wish to integrate office 365 for different reasons. When it comes to choosing an email solution, features and price are essential factors.

Benefits of office 365:

Office 365 is a reliable platform for managing the security compliance option and advanced features. Business owners often need it for reliability, efficiency, and scalable. The platform is suitable for stunning performance, compliance, and security. You can get the significant advantage from using office 365 like

  • Cloud storage like email and file storage
  • Desktop application
  • Tailored pricing plan
  • Offline file access ability
  • Threat protection and advanced security 

You can come across a vast range of pricing plans and choose a flexible one depending on business requirements. Organizations rely on a cloud platform that is value for money. It is ideal for a professional workforce and deals with growth and success.

Benefits of G-suite:

Google workspace can integrate many businesses, companies, non-profit organizations, and more. It is another robust cloud platform that manages a good name among the business. Google workspace is effective for security capabilities and data privacy. G-suite is worth for accelerating growth and future success. 

  • When using G-suite, you can pick up all in one solution that manages several apps like chat, meet, Gmail, docs, calendar, google drive, and other apps.
  • These things let you perform any task without going to a different platform.
  • It provides a migration service that aids business owners in quickly importing data over the G suite account from the Microsoft Exchange and legacy environment.
  • Administrator utilizes google admin console to transfer data to G suite.
  • G suite connects the source server directly with server credentials and transfers data, calendars, mail, and contacts. 
  • Platform is easy to save files in secure and shared solution and let team to access from any devices like tablet, smartphone, and PC.

Excis is a reliable partner for many organizations to implement an ideal strategy that brings value to the business. Migration can perform and complete smoothly without hassle. 

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