State of The Art Cyber Security Consulting

Excis Compliance Solutions

As the cyber threats are growing so the demand for industry recognized security certifications such as ISO27001, Cyber essentials, NIST, GDPR and so on. Excis’s experience into deploying the compliance practices for the ISO27001:2013 controls and CIS controls will enable your organization into a broader market and build confidence amongst the customers.

Audits & Pen Tests

Excis offers assessing your critical security vulnerabilities with our penetration testing services. Carried out by a team of our directly employed accredited ethical hackers we can offer infrastructure and application pen testing. Typically, organizations should have at least 1 penetration test a year and it is not recommended to use the same ethical hacker/supplier as stated by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre). This will help improve your security posture and allowing you to sleep better at night knowing you have done one more action to help protect your company. We will identify vulnerabilities within your organization so that you can proactively fix any issues, these are most likely vulnerabilities you may not be aware of. The audits are integral part of industry leading certifications such as ISO27001 and you can be rest assured with our audit services to enable you for the certification.

Security Awareness Trainings

Excis has tied up with industry leading security awareness training institutes that offers the courses based on latest cyber issues and compliances such as GDPR. Help prevent your organization from becoming a victim of a phishing attack by training your staff (the most important line of defence). Here at Excis we understand that companies with a positive cyber security attitude are of course hard to come by, we help make this dream become a reality by providing your staff training in phishing (email), Vishing (SMS) and also a USB test to see if staff place into a PC or hand into your IT team.

Managed Security Operations & Incident Handling

Excis has 24/7/365 NOC & SOC teams following the FTS (follow the sun) model to continuously monitor your infrastructure, alerts, notifications and engage the right teams to act on the incidents real time. This cost effective managed SOC and incident handling has benefitted multiple MNC’s to achieve their security operations goals at the reasonable cost.