Going beyond connectivity II : The modern network and Cisco DNA Spaces

In part one of this series, we looked at the benefits of a connected workplace guided by the concept of Smart Buildings. For modern businesses, the rewards of this approach are far-reaching and numerous. Key among them are increases to employee happiness and welfare, savings in energy (both fiscally and from a conservationist standpoint), enhancements to security, and improvements to the experiences of on-site workers.

At Excis, we believe the future of organisations across the globe is one that (to coin the term by our partner at Cisco) will Go Beyond Connectivity. But what does this really mean?

Data leads the charge
We already know that the world is in a state of constant change, hugely led by technology. In the business world, the proliferation of users and devices is creating more data and more connections than ever before. What many businesses are failing to do, however, is not only adopt the platforms needed to accurately record, store, and analyse this data but also untap the potential of data and the modern network to put it to good use. For Smart Buildings, what use is knowing how many people step into the office each day or what time lights can be automatically turned off if that information is not being used to enhance experiences? These insights give more detail to the established behaviours and routines and must be used to better manage the workplace.

The modern network is more than a WIFI connection
The modern network gives us this visibility to drive real business results. Utilised in the right way, it is critical in making your workplace smart and capable of managing the building with central management platforms. More traditional functions of the modern network are to manage WIFI connections, guest onboarding, and application delivery. However, now is the time to Go Beyond Connectivity. Cisco DNA Spaces is the tool to achieve the desired transcendence and turn workplace venues into intelligent spaces. It turns wireless access points and devices into sensors that detect and capture location data for people and things within the workplace. The Cisco DNA Spaces cloud engine applies intelligent machine learning algorithms to clean, filter, and normalise raw data and provide valuable real-time insights.

With this solution, businesses can:
    • Create custom reports that include data sets spanning location, date range, and behavioural patterns
    • Leverage built-in apps to facilitate a safe return to the workplace and business resiliency
    • Drive industry-specific outcomes with partner applications for use cases such as asset tracking, space utilisation, and attendance tracking
    • Benchmark against industry-specific metrics around behaviour patterns
    • Gain real-time views of visitor behaviour at your workplaces
    • Search and display locations of devices based on MAC or IP addresses
    • Get seamless, secure onboarding to public WIFI
    • Seamlessly onboard visitors at your properties, and deliver zero-click targeted engagements
    • Trigger contextual engagements across SMS, email, and other channels based on visitor behaviours
    • Identify and monitor assets, detect anomalies, optimise operations and response times, and integrate with enterprise systems…

What can we do for you?
Contact the Excis team now and discover how we deliver consistent, cloud first, secure networks that takes you beyond connectivity to build intelligent spaces. Our solutions deliver valuable real-time business insights to help enable, empower and protect the hybrid workforce.
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