Excis Compliance Ltd are committed to provide exceptional support services to our customers from a team of highly skilled cloud experts and so we also offer Public Cloud Support Security Services that are faster, and reliable. We offer these services at a very affordable price and manage on-premise hardware and software effectively.

Support Structure for Cloud Support Services

Cloud migration is the right choice for businesses that need to bridge the gap between growing business demand and IT capacity. Migrations are often more complicated as it deals with massive data volumes and distinct workloads. A successful migration should ensure transition with zero business impact.

Respond to dynamic business needs of IT infrastructure growth. Scaling traditional, on-premises IT infrastructure is expensive and companies have to invest a lot of funds and their precious time. But, with the rise of cloud computing these barriers have disappeared and businesses are keen on adopting cloud technologies. Even though cloud migration is challenging, companies are migrating apps and services to the cloud everyday as the cloud adds tangible value to the business.

Cloud Migration:

Organizations of all sizes are intending to create user-friendly apps in the current generation that are reliable, versatile, configurable, accessible from anywhere on any device, and available. Excis provides businesses with a cloud platform that is incredibly efficient and cost-effective and enables them to offer these services, but it necessitates that developers use the platforms, technologies, and best practices for developing cloud-based applications wisely.

Excis guides Custom Development, Software Architecture and Service Development, Software as a Service, Cloud Metrics, and Performance that aids in developing for the cloud to the development constituency of a business. We assist in picking the optimal cloud for an organization—public, private, or hybrid—as well as the platform. Excis makes use of its extensive professional services skills to guarantee that the company’s numerous technologies communicate with one another.

Our certified engineers help enterprises in directing their cloud-based application development and deployment projects in the right direction by using a methodology that considers assessment, planning, security, scalability, capacity, and integration.

1. Outline Reasons for Moving to the Cloud

Organizations should follow an analysis-based approach when migrating to the cloud. What business objectives do you want to achieve through the cloud? Are you looking to reduce costs? Gain new features? Leverage real time data and analytics? Improve scalability?

The priority of your goals will inform your choices later in the cloud selection process as you decide on cloud platforms, apps, and what sort of resources you’ll require to move forward with your project. Cloud migrations aligned to key business objectives and outcomes are more likely to succeed than siloed projects within the IT department. If your business is looking to solve an immediate problem, your team may be able to identify ‘quick wins’ by integrating a cloud solution into your existing environment in place of moving everything to the Cloud.

Cloud support structure

2. Determine Organizational Cloud-Readiness

The next step is to conduct a comprehensive business and technical analysis of your current environment, apps, and infrastructure. Excis can provide a Cloud-Readiness Assessment. This assessment will dive into not just what technology your business uses but how your organization uses it.

To prepare for a cloud migration properly, follow these steps in your cloud assessments:

  • Inventory your applications and workloads

  • Inventory hardware and infrastructure (servers, databases, and storage)

  • Interview application leaders and users to get a sense of how they use the apps

  • Draw up dependency maps of your apps and integrations

  • Record the technologies used in your application portfolio

  • Analyze each app and its relevant components to determine transition plan and place in cloud migration steps

3. Design Your Environment

The right platform for your business will depend on your specific requirements, the architecture of the applications moving to the cloud, integrations, and other factors. Excis will also help your team decide if public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments are the right course of action for your needs.

4. Create a Cloud Roadmap

Excis expert Cloud Architects will create each phase of your cloud deployment to a resourcing schedule to ensure you have the right personnel available for the migration. Creating a comprehensive cloud roadmap can prove an invaluable resource – especially if your business is choosing to migrate functions to the cloud incrementally.

Roadmaps help teams stay the course, reduce the chances that elements get missed, and provide a more accurate time line as each task is broken down into rough time frames and can be adjusted along the way.

5. Migrate Your Data

Creating a data migration plan is a crucial cloud migration step and can prove disastrous if not properly implemented. A proper data migration strategy will look to audit the data to prevent any unexpected issues, cleanup of any identified concerns, putting controls in place to ensure data quality, and proper governance through tracking and monitoring.

6. Testing and Switching to Production

Now that your cloud environment is set up to your specifications, the applications are in the cloud, data has populated – the next steps in the cloud migration process is to flip the switch. One way to reduce the risk, is to migrate a set of test users over to the new environment before a full launch to identify any issues that were missed through deployment and initial testing.

These cloud migration steps should ensure your team has a solid foundation for approaching the cloud migration process strategically. Start by assessing your own technology, processes and team to confirm that the cloud is the right option for your organization.

Managed Cloud Services

IT must simplify management in order to streamline operations and eliminate tedious activities. As numerous skill sets are needed to handle these intricate and diverse systems, this is particularly crucial in hybrid IT or multi-cloud scenarios. Excis is the top managed service provider with expertise in on-premises, cloud, hybrid IT, and multi-cloud environments, offering anything from managed storage to complete data centres.

Cloud Support Services

IT must simplify management in order to streamline operations and eliminate tedious activities. As numerous skill sets are needed to handle these intricate and diverse systems, this is particularly crucial in hybrid IT or multi-cloud scenarios. Excis is the top managed service provider with expertise in on-premises, cloud, hybrid IT, and multi-cloud environments, offering anything from managed storage to complete data centres.

• Cloud Environment Managed Services

• Monitoring services for Network & Security Management.

• IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS component On-demand Management

• 24/7 Service Management

Is there a need for cloud support?

The nature of on-premise and cloud applications is very different. Consequently, the support required for these two applications is significantly different from each other.

Many customers spend millions of dollars on support for their on-premise IT applications and infrastructure. This is changing significantly as they shift to cloud applications. As the need for continuous support fades away in cloud applications, the support is assumed to be reduced as well. In the on-premise world, there is a whole list of activities that require technical support from the application experts. This necessitates the presence of a dedicated support team consisting mostly of technical personnel. However, this scenario takes a complete U-turn in the case of cloud applications.

Cloud support is required for customers to extract a good ROI from their investments. However, the nature of this support is non-traditional.

Cloud Offering Benefits: Excis’ comprehensive cloud offerings can help organizations to reap maximum benefits over the in-house infrastructure and software.

• Reduce Operational Costs and Capital Expenditures

• Improve Accessibility

• Improve Flexibility

• Deploy Projects Faster

• Business Agility

• Easily Adapt to Changing Resource Demands

• Pay for what you use

• Expedite Time-To-Market

• Better use of Resources

• Leverage Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Solutions as Needed

• Assure Stability, Scalability, Security, Maintenance and Monitoring of Cloud Environments

Excis - Global Cloud Strategy Consultant

Our range of services includes Hybrid Cloud Support Security Services through which we resolve your issues swiftly and efficiently. A qualified team of hybrid cloud IT experts are always ready to address your issues and problems. Also, with our Support services, you can swiftly connect to our partners, alliances and others in our ecosystem. We wrap all advantages such as reliability, scalability, efficiency and fact deployment into one category and provide reliable support 24×7.

Excis Compliance Ltd being one of the reputed Support Services Providers in the market, offer most reliable and impeccable solutions and ensure your organization’s network security by providing solutions like Cloud Storage Support Security Services, Community Support Security Services and many more.

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