Excis Introduces Cloud Services!

Accelerate your business with Excis Cloud platform! Excis now offers scalable solution for your storage needs with introduction of Excis Cloud. Get data on demand at fastest speeds with our robust cloud system doing the rest for you. Excis Cloud is an easy and affordable solution designed to manage your data resources efficiently. Get rid of extra and unnecessary hardware, and say good bye to all that clutter! This is a flexible and need-based solution, no unnecessary investments in devices as services run on your direction on a mouse click.

Our cloud system would help you access services and applications on any internet connected device. In the age of connectivity, cloud is a prerequisite for utilizing resources effectively. The cloud would also help to prevent any sort of data loss, which is else very common. Excis would provide services under following models:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
    Is a software eating up precious local memory of machines? If yes, our Software Service can surely help you. This is a model which would help your organization to host a software remotely on our cloud system. This would help eliminate the need for downloading software on personal devices in turn helping devices to function more efficiently.
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    Are your developers in need of an efficient platform for development, but, the budget cannot accommodate new investments? No need to worry, our Platform Service would help your organization to develop a software without having an underlying infrastructure. Our Platform services would take care of the needs of your developers with just an internet connection!
  3. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    Want to get rid of the cumbersome tasks of data management and focus more on productive activities? Our Infrastructure service would help you out for sure. Now outsource your Data Centre to us and we would ensure that Data is not only secured, but also available at fastest speeds and that too at an affordable cost.
    The need based approach of our service called the ‘Excis Cloud’ would most probably answer all your questions regarding data management. So, grow your business and reduce your costs with this new service of Excis.