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EXCIS have in excess of 1,300 experienced professionals to call on throughout Europe and beyond.

These technicians, project managers and subject experts will handle all your installation, support and break-fix requirements against strict SLAs, 24/7.

Excis Offer
  • Fast, international staff-on-site responses.
  • Single point of contact.
  • Network installation, router
  • Desktop refreshes, changes, moves and support.
  • Hardware support.
  • Server support.
  • Flexible centralised billing
  • WIFI Experts
  • Unified Communications 
Our engineers specialise in Cisco, Juniper and Avaya networking, but in some locations we may also be able to help with other technologies such as Mitel just ask us.

But what really sets us apart is our presence across Europe and into the Middle East and North Africa. We have experience of working with organisations that need people on site, fast, internationally.

If your business is also geographically dispersed it means you need have only one agreement to get the support your people need wherever they are. We save you the expense and downtime impact of dispatching your own engineers from base. Our skilled staff are already available near your site, at a competitive price.
Check our coverage here. Take a look at some sample assignments.

Call us, and you get one company that can handle your entire equipment installation across the continent, at a fixed price per install and maintain it for you.

Projects can be on an ad hoc or long-term basis. We provide you with qualified staff and make sure they fit into your culture and environment.
And our centralised billing system will integrate with your systems, rather than your staff having to adapt to ours. This can be as simple or as flexible as you want fully itemised or a one-line overview.

For more information from our IT Service experts and to discuss how we can tailor our service to fit your needs, Call +44 (0)845 463 1504 or E-mail



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